Newsner is one of the worlds largest viral sites and across all languages we attract about 15 million unique visitors per week.

Newsner is a new type of site with content that you would like to read and share on social media and we work with positive messages which means that you as an Advertiser is seen in a positive environment.

Interesting and engaging content is published and distributed across our network and social media. Our goal is to create content that intrigues our readers, with high likeability and sharing potential.

We have several different options for you as an Advertiser to choose from. Please contact us for a free quote.

How can you as an Advertiser build your brand in viral environment?

What we seen, is that successful campaigns links the brand with the consumer with the help of feelings. The reader can identify and associate your brand through all the entertaining and informative content on Newsner.

  • Our creative team work together with you as an Advertiser and create tailor made content that inspire the reader and drives social interactions.
  • What would you and your brand talk about?
  • We produce tailor made articles, lists, quiz and more.
  • We create entertaining and informative content that engage readers.
  • All created content is fully adapted for social media and with high shareability in mind.
  • Full reports over visits and interaction throughout the campaign.

Today, many brands see the big advantage in producing video material adapted for viral environment. With the power of Newsner social network comes the ability to spread your material to a vast audience, both domestic but also internationally, and with content that is ready for social media and focus on shareability.

  • We can help you produce video material, or share our knowledge in the production phase.
  • We guarantee traffic and visitors
  • All content is adapted for social media and high shareability
  • Full reporting on visitors and interactions throughout the campaign.

Display and Video advertising

As one of the world’s largest sites, we have a big inventory. If you would like to reach that audience, we have several options for you and your ads.

Our demographics are 65% Women, and 35% Men, and evenly distributed in age between 18-54.

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